Another Opening … Another Show!

“Another Opening”

2018 has flown by. It is hard to imagine that we began our 12th year as Centerstage back in January looking at a stack of new music for the group. We’ve come a long way and we hope you will enjoy the finished project.

We have six new members and have become a much younger group (though our ages span from teenager to octogenarian). The show has energy and heart. Powerful ballads are mixed with light-hearted showtunes – Something for everyone!

But, even as we get dressed for the opening number, we have already started thinking about next year and what would be a great theme!

“Another Show”

We have ideas but would love your help. So, leave a comment HERE or head over to our Facebook page and leave your ideas for next year.
Enjoy the Show!#centerstage2019


Our Saturday Sing-a-long


One of the best parts of connecting with Centerstage is that it is bound to be connected to music and fun. 2018 is no exception as we took the challenge to bring a fun 1980s tune to life … with a twist.

Kids instruments (see how many you can see) help us enjoy taking on the B-52 classic “Love Shack”. And why? Because that is what our fans voted for.